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Assistants for January

 January 7       Altar  Polly Hayward and Janet Walsh

                        Lay Assistant  Errol Bull

                        Ushers   Carol Perrot and Stephanie Wagar

                        Counters   Pat Brundige and Joyce Duncan

                        Coffee Hour   Carolyn Rouse and Donna Gibson


 January 14     Altar   LouAnn Behrens and Stephanie Wagar

                        Lay Assistant   Rich Anderson

                        Ushers   Diana Rieker and Jim Peters

                        Counters   Polly and Bob Hayward

                        Coffee Hour   Heather and Errol Bull


 January  21    Altar   LouAnn Behrens and Stephanie Wagar

                       Lay assistant   Aaron Cordes

                       Ushers   B. Morgan and B. Stevens

                       Counters   Diane and Rich Anderson

                       Coffee Hour   Janet Walsh and Merilyn Niles


January 28     Altar  Sharon Morris and Evelyn Jarosz

                       Lay Assistant    Fred Howard

                       Ushers   Errol and Ryland Bull

                       Counters   LouAnn Behrens and Janet Walsh

                       Coffee Hour   Sara and John Martin


  Lay Assistant



  Coffee Hour

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