Welcome Visitors


Visiting Faith

Since visiting any church for the first time can be intimidating, we've put together the following information that we hope will answer any questions you may have about visiting us.  You may also contact us if you have any further questions.  We invite you to sign our guest book located in the Narthex (lobby) when you visit.


Getting Started

If you are not aware of our location, check the map link on our home page for exact directions.  Once you've arrived, we have plenty of parking in our lot on the North side of the church.  There are no steps to climb as our building sits at the ground level.  You may enter by either the front entrance, near the church bell, or by the rear door near the back of the parking lot.  There are coat racks just off the front entrance and restrooms are located near the kitchen and fellowship hall.  Ushers will say hello, give you a bulletin, gladly answer any questions you may have, help you find a seat, or offer any assistance you may need.  If you need assistance, don't hesitate to ask.


Our Service

Relax, while we love to recognize visitors, we will not make you stand up or embarrass you.  We will welcome you with handshakes and smiles but we recognize that your visit with the Lord is a personal one.  We do not care what you are wearing, as God accepts us as we are.  We have a wide variety of dress from jeans and t-shirts to suits and dresses.  Wear whatever you would feel most comfortable in while in our church setting.


We welcome little ones and love to see children during worship.  We understand that children often have a different understanding of quiet than adults and we appreciate the noises from children as this reminds us that we're human and our congregation is alive with young ones.  If you feel you need to excuse your child during the service, there is a nursery room at the back.


The bulletin will greatly aid you in following along with the service.  The hymn numbers and hymnal pages are listed along with the daily Bible readings and Gospel.  The service is laid out in order of occurance.  We also list pertinent announcements for the upcoming week and month in our bulletin.



After the sermon, offering plates will be passed through the pews.  This is an opportunity for our regular members to give back to God what he has given them.  You may certainly place an offering into the plate but we in no way expect or require that you do so.



Holy Communion is offered each Sunday and all who believe in Jesus Christ and are baptized are welcome to receive.  The ushers will pass along the ends of the pews, guiding you to the front altar railing where you may either kneel or stand.  Pastor will pass along the railing offering you the Bread of Christ by saying "The Body of Christ, given for you".  You may respond with "Amen".  A Lay Assistant will pass along the railing, following the Pastor, offering "The Blood of Christ, shed for you".  You may respond with "Amen".  Please note that outer rings of cups are filled with wine and the inner ring of cups are filled with grape juice.  You may take whichever you prefer.  A tray will be provided along the outside aisles of the pews as you make your way back to your seat.


Coffee Social

Coffee and treats are offered after the service in our fellowship hall.  This gives us a chance to talk with each other and meet our new visitors.


We hope you enjoy your worship experience with us!

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